Checking also called as Vetting, means making a careful and critical examination of UK Visa Application and supporting documents that to be submitted before the British Embassy in India or UK Visa & Immigration Home Office. Checking or Vetting is the process of thoroughly investigation & review of the applications which results a thorough due diligence of the requirement of Immigration Rules under UK Immigration & Asylum Act and also results in ensuring the that all the supporting documents have been annexed as per requirements.

Applicant can get their UK Visa Application checked by an UK Immigration lawyer before submitting to the British Embassy or UKVI Home Office.

If you have filled and completed your application form at your own successfully but would like a second set of eyes to check your UK Visa Application for thorough examination, this will give you that extra assurance and enhance the result of visa application positively. This service is targeted for those, who have a basic knowledge of the Immigration law and the application process but require assistance with some aspects of the application, or assurance that the relevant information has been included. Becaue the UK Immigration Rules are being change from time to time and is not straightforward. We understand that immigration law can be complex, which is the sole reason that we offer our visa file vetting services. By getting the service of your Visa Application Checking gives you extra level of confidence in submitting your UK visa application as single error whether due to oversight may cause negative result of visa application.

Our UK Visa Application Checking Service covers a range of applications for entry clearance of UK Student Visa, UK Visitor Visa, UK Spouse Settlement Visa, other kind of Standard Visitor Visa, Extension of Visa, Further Leave to Remain, Indefinite Leave to Remain (Permanent Residence), Naturalisation as a British Citizen or British Passport Application. Our UK Immigration Lawyers can provide you with an expert opinion on your visa application before submitting to the British Embassy in India or UK Visa & Immigration Home Office in UK.

Our UK Visa Application Checking Service includes the following:

  • We will review your completed application form to ensure you have completed all the necessary sections and provided all the required information;
  • Check that you have paid the correct visa application fee;
  • Check your supporting documents and evidence required under the UK Immigration Rules;
  • Make sure that you have included all required documents and they are in correct format;
  • Providing you with our professional advice and recommendations;
  • Highlight any additional documents which may be required;
  • Where the British Embassy in India or UKVI Home Office in UK permits it, we will certify original documents being have UK Commissioner for Oath so that you don’t have to send the originals with the UK visa application form;

When you instruct us, we will personally review and scrutinise your completed application. We will check your documents to ensure that there are no problems with your UK visa application.

If you are worried that you might have forgotten something or are unsure about answering questions on the application form, then our visa file vetting service is suitable for you.

This service of visa application checking can also be provided online if the applicant is unable to visit us personally.

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