naturalisation as british citizen process

There are three main ways of becoming a British citizen:

  1. Automatic acquisition at birth
  2. Registration (usually for children) and
  3. Naturalisation (usually for adults)

Naturalisation is the legal process by which a person changes their nationality. For hundreds of years, foreign nationals living in the UK, and sometimes living abroad, have been able to attain British citizenship through naturalisation.

The criteria and process have changed over the years but for successful applicants the end result has been the same: that person is granted the same legal rights and status of a natural-born British citizen.

Married to British Citizen:

As settled status is a simpler and faster process, an application for settled status followed by an immediate application for citizenship is the best course of action for anyone who is married to a British citizen and has lived in the UK for over five years.

Not married to British Citizen:

If you are not married to a British citizen but you needs to show that you are free from any immigration restrictions for at least one year before applying for naturalization as a British Citizenship.

Requirements for Naturalise as a British citizen:

The main requirements to naturalise as a British citizen are that the applicant must be:

  • age 18 years or over
  • of “good character” (which includes paying taxes and not having a criminal record)
  • have an intention to continue to live in the UK
  • meet the knowledge of English and life in the UK requirements
  • meet the residency requirement (listed below)

Length of Stay in the UK

You also need to meet the following requirements for the last five years:

  • You must have been physically in the UK exactly five years before the date the application reaches the Home Office; and
  • During the last five years you must not have been outside the United Kingdom for more than 450 days (about 15 months); and
  • During the last 12 months of the five-year period you must not have been outside the UK for more than 90 days; and
  • During the last 12 months of the five-year period your stay in the United Kingdom you must have held permanent residence/ indefinite leave to remain (ILR); and
  • You must not have been living in the United Kingdom in breach of the UK immigration rules at any time during the five-year period ending with the date that the application is received by the Home Office.

Requirements to prove:

Before applying the naturalisation as a British Citizen, the applicant need prove that he or she is legally settled in the UK and is free from immigration time restrictions.

Supporting Documents:

You need to provide the following documents as evidence in support of your application for naturalisation as a British Citizen:-

    Identity documents, either:
  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Home Office travel document
  • Home Office entitlement card
  • Home Office ARC letter
  • Home Office Biometric Residence Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving Licence

  • Knowledge of Language
  • Passed a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR or higher

  • Life in the UK Test
  • Provide Home Office "Unique Reference Number" of Life in UK Test

Evidence of Lawful Residence in UK during the last 5 years:

  • Passport
  • Letters from employers
  • Educational establishments or
  • Other Government Departments indicating presence in the UK

Evidence of freedom from immigration time restrictions (such as ILR permission), either:

  • Passport showing permission to remain permanently in the UK
  • Home Office letter by which given permission to remain permanently in the UK
  • If came to the UK as an asylum seeker applicant should have evidence of appeal applications
  • Evidence of being freely landed
  • If applicant are an Irish national he/she must provide his/her Irish passport

Evidence of marriage for applications made on the basis of marriage or civil partnership to a British citizen, both:

  • Applicant’s spouse’s or civil partner’s current passport or
  • Home Office letter by which given permission to remain permanently in the UK
  • Naturalisation/Registration Certificate showing that he/she is a British citizen if applicant is making his/her application by post, he/she can send a complete and full copy of spouse’s or civil partner’s current passport (every page of the passport must be copied including any blank pages)
  • Marriage Certificate or civil partnership certificate

Evidence of Tax for self-employed applicants only:

  • Most recent HM Revenue & Customs Self Assessment Statement of Account

Evidence of Tax for self-employed applicants only:

  • Payslips
  • HMRC P60
  • Letter or Letters from your employer or employers confirming applicant have worked in their employment including start and finish dates

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